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John Locke
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John Locke teaches a number of options trading strategies he has developed himself (with a particular emphasis on butterfly spreads). The programs include The M3, Bearish Butterfly and The Rock.
Twitter: @locke4success
Related Terms: Butterfly Spread
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ORATS is an options data provider covering historical volatility, dividends, earnings modeling techniques and back-testing facilities (amongst others). The data is accessible via an API and associated Excel-based tools.
Twitter: @optionrats ‏
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A sophisticated backtesting platform for options strategies. OptionStack has a visual environment for building strategies and it is also possible to use Scala to code them. There are various pricing plans available, including a free edition.
Twitter: @optionstack
Sassy Options
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Rachel Shasha's blog with market commentary, discussion of technical signals and options open interest. A premium subscription area with more detailed analysis and a private twitter feed is also available.
Twitter: @Sassy_SPY
Options Hawk
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Joe Kunkle's site combining software tools for scanning for potential options trades and access to his insights and sample portfolios.
Twitter: @OptionsHawk

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