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Blue Collar Investing
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Alan Ellman's site on options strategies, includes a lot of material on covered call strategies and cash secured puts (amongst others).
Twitter: @BluCollarInvest
LT Options
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Henrik Santander's credit spreads and Iron Condors option trading system.
Twitter: @lazytrading
Related Terms: Credit Spread, Iron Condor
Options Trading IQ
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Gavin McMaster's options trading strategy and information site.
Twitter: @OptiontradinIQ
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Chris Butler's options information and learning site. Includes information on the basics of options trading, the greeks and some common strategies.
Twitter: @ProjectOption
Real World Risk Institute
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Educational organisation founded by Nassim Taleb, which intends to "build the principles and methodology for real-world rigor in decision making and codify a clear-cut way to approach risk" (taken from their website). The certification offered covers a wider range of subjects than just financial options and encompasses the wider risk subject, in general.
Twitter: @nntaleb
Risk Doctor
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Website of Charles Cottle, aka 'Risk Doctor' author of options trading text, "Options Trading: The Hidden Reality".
Twitter: @RiskDoctor
Theta Trend
Rating: 4.0/5 (1 vote cast)
This site holds Daniel Neagoy's option trading blog and is also the launching point for a number of his options strategies, including the Core Income Butterfly as well as trend following using options on ETFs amongst others. There is a mix of free and paid-for content, all of which is well written and honest about the risks as well as rewards of options trading.
Twitter: @ThetaTrend

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