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DTR Trading
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Information about quantitative back-testing of common options strategies such as Iron Condors, Straddles and Strangles.
Twitter: @DTRTrading
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Blog about volatility trading and writing options by Meredith Kelley Zidek. The posts are also syndicated on the CBOE Options Hub.
Twitter: @grapeswhiz
Jay On The markets
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Jay Kaeppel is a market commentator and fund manager. He makes extensive use of Options strategies for both speculative and hedging purposes and also incorporates seasonality into his trading strategies and systems.
Twitter: @jaykaeppel
Option Trading Tips
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Twitter: @optiontips
Options Investing UK
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Site site dedicated to Options Trading from a UK perspective. The material is provided by an editorial team of experienced traders
Six Figure Investing
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Vance Harwood's site. Vance writes a number of articles about trading VIX ETFs for Seeking Alpha. Vance describes some strategies for volatility trading as well as covered call strategies and other options, trading and investment-related topics.
Twitter: @6_Figure_Invest
The Lazy Trader
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Henrik Santander's personal blog with details of his options trading activities (including results).
Twitter: @lazytrading
Related Terms: Iron Condor
Theta Trend
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Daniel Neagoy's option trading blog. Describes various strategies using trend following principles, butterfly spread strategies and ETF rotation (amongst others).
Twitter: @ThetaTrend
Related Terms: Butterfly Spread
Trade with Aram
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Aram Basmadjian's personal trading blog.
Twitter: @abasmadjian

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Butterfly Spread

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