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Bats Options
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Bats Options is an options trading exchange operated by the Bats group.
Twitter: @BatsGlobal
BOX Options Exchange
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BOX Options Exchange is an equity options market owned by the TMX Group and broker/dealers.
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CBOE's (Chicago Board Options Exchange) Options Hub includes a lot of news and educational content and market commentary related to trading options.
Twitter: @CBOE
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ICE (Intercontinental Exchange) offer Options on UK markets, including most FTSE 100 stocks and the index itself. The forerunner to ICE EU was London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange who ICE acquired in 2013.

The ICE EU site includes details of the main options offered for different underlying assets or commodities (in addition to Futures contracts).

Twitter: @ICE_Markets
MIAX Options
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MIAX Options is an options trading exchange operated by Miami International Holdings.
Montréal Exchange Educational Portal
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The Montréal Exchange is a derivatives trading exchange in Canada. Their educational portal includes a large number of videos and PDFs about trading options, including some topics like using currency options.
Twitter: @MtlExchange
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NASDAQ offers three different options trading exchanges: BX Options, NOM and PHLX
Twitter: @nasdaq

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