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Options mentoring and alerts service provided by Kim Klaiman and associates.

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Steady Options Links from Options Glossary Terms


Can Options Assignment Cause Margin Call?
Guest post on the site by Christopher B. Welsh where he describes how the assignment of short (sold) call options can result in receiving a margin call from your broker.

Calendar Spread

How we Trade Calendar Spreads
Article by Kim Klaiman of Steady Options with some advice and recommendations for trading calendar spreads.

Iron Condor

Trading an Iron Condor: The Basics
Steady Options guide to trading Iron Condors. Covers the key areas such as deciding how close to the money spreads should be placed as well as the potential risk to capital of allowing one side of an Iron Condor to go in the money.

Can you really make 10% per month with Iron Condors?
Article with a checklist for entering Iron Condors, including recommendations about selling volatility when the VIX (Volatility Index) exceeds certain thresholds and managing risks.

Why Iron Condors are NOT an ATM machine article advising options traders to manage their expectations about the scale of returns possible with Iron Condor options strategies.


How We Trade Straddle Option Strategy
Alerts and Options education service, describes how they trade straddles, in particular over earnings announcements for stock options and also as what they refer to as 'black swan insurance' against large and unexpected movements in th


The Risks of Weekly Credit Spreads
Cautionary article from about using weekly options for credit spread strategies (including Iron Condors).

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