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Highly rated option mentoring and alerts service operated by Kirk Du Plessis.

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Option Alpha Links from Options Glossary Terms


Options Adjustment Checklist
A list of points to consider before adjusting an options position.

Broken Wing Butterfly

How To Set Up A Broken Wing Butterfly Option Strategy?
OptionAlpha.com guide on how to set up Broken Wing Butterfly (BWB) spreads.


6 Quick Examples To Mastering Option Moneyness (ITM, OTM & ATM)
Explanation of Moneyness with several different examples. Also covers short options.

Option Alpha Videos from Options Glossary Terms


Complete Guide to Adjusting Credit Spreads, Iron Condors & Calendar Spreads
Video from OptionAlpha.com that explains how to make adjustments to defined risk options strategies like Credit Spreads and Iron Condors.

The Ultimate Guide to Options Trade Adjustments
OptionAlpha.com video explaining how to adjust short straddles and strangles.

1 Way To Adjust Credit Spread Option Trades
OptionAlpha.com that describes how to adjust a credit spread using a strangle.

American Style

American vs. European Style Options
Simple explanation of the difference between American and European Style Options.

Back Spread

Bull Call Backspread Option Strategy
OptionAlpha.com video about back spreads.

Bear Call Spread

Bear Call Spread Option Strategy
Option Alpha overview of the Bear Call Credit Spread strategy.

Bear Call Credit Spread Strategy - How To Make Adjustments
Option Alpha video describing adjustments that can be made to Bear Call Credit Spreads.

Bear Put Spread

Ultimate Guide To Trading Debit Put Option Spreads
Kirk Du Plessis of OptionAlpha.com presents an in-depth video that describes when to use debit spreads.

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