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Tool to help traders select suitable options strategies based on whether they are bullish or bearish about either the price of an underlying or its volatility. Also allows the profit and loss parameters, credit/debit and number of legs to be specified to help narrow down the choices.

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Options Guide Strategy Finder Links from Options Glossary Terms

Bear Call Spread

Bear Call Spread
Options Guide Bear Call Spread explanation with an example.

Bear Put Spread

Bear Put Spread
TheOptionsGuide.com article about bear put spreads.

Bull Put Spread

Bull Put Spread
Options Guide article on bull put spreads, includes an example and describes related trades.

Bullish Debit Spread

Bull Call Spread
The Options Guide article about bull call spreads.

Butterfly Spread

Butterfly Spread
Options Guide Butterfly strategy overview.

Calendar Spread

Bull Calendar Spread
The Options Guide article on Bull Calendar Spreads.

Call Option

The Options Guide- Call Option Definition
TheOptionsGuide.com explains Call Options.

Call Ratio Spread

Call Ratio Spread
General article on ratio spreads that makes specific reference to Call Ratio Spreads.

Cash Secured Naked Put

Uncovered Put Write
Options Guide article about selling uncovered (naked) puts.


The Collar Strategy
TheOptionsGuide.com explanation of the collar options strategy.


Synthetic Long Stock
Optionsguide.com article about Combo strategies (Synthetic Long Stock).

Credit Spread

Credit Spreads
TheOptionsGuide.com article about what credit spreads are and the bullish/bearish types that can be utilised by options investors and traders.

Diagonal Spread

Diagonal Bull Call Spread
The Options Guide article on diagonal bull call spreads.

Iron Condor

Iron Condors
Basic guide to the Iron Condor options strategy.


Moneyness Explained
TheOptionsGuide.com provides a short introduction to moneyness, covering In the Money, At The Money and Out Of The Money options.


The Options & Futures Guide
Site explaining options and various trading strategies that can be used.

Options Strategy

Option Strategy Finder
A tool to help locate an option strategy based on outlook (bullish/bearish), profit/loss potential, net debit or credit and the number of legs.

Put Ratio Spread

Put Ratio Spread
OptionsGuide.com article about Put Ratio Spreads.

Put-Call Parity

Understanding Put-Call Parity
Options Guide article with more detail on put-call parity, with examples and some formulas.

Ratio Spread

Ratio Spread
Options Guide article on ratio spreads.

Short Iron Condor

Reverse Iron Condor
Options Guide article about Reverse (Short) Iron Condors.


Option Straddle (Long Straddle)
The Options Guide description of a long straddle trade (with an example).


Long Strangle
Options Guide article about long strangles.

Time Value

Options Premium - Time Value
Explanation of Time Value and its relationship to Intrinsic Value.


Vega (The Options Guide)
Options Guide article on vega.

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