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Financial news and trading TV/video information site. Set up by the founders of the ThinkOrSwim options trading platform, Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista. Of particular note are the Where Do I Start (WDIS) options training videos.

Twitter: @tastytrade

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Tasty Trade Links from Options Glossary Terms

Broken Wing Butterfly

Broken Wing Butterfly
TastyTrade.com explanation of Broken Wing Butterfly spreads.

Calendar Spread

Calendar Spread (TastyTrade.com)
Tasty Trade article about Calendar Spreads.

Debit Spread

4 Keys To Placing Your First Debit Spread
Dough.com article with some basic information about debit spread trades.

Diagonal Spread

Diagonal Spread
TastyTrade.com item explaining diagonal spreads.

Options Strategy

Tasty Trade Options Key Concepts & Strategies
Index of major strategies discussed on TastyTrade.com


Speaking Greek: Theta Decay (time decay)
An introduction to Theta and how it affects option prices.

Tasty Trade Videos from Options Glossary Terms


3 Iron Condor Adjustments
TastyTrade.com video on making adjustments to Iron Condors.

Bear Put Spread

Tasty Trade video with recommendations and tips for adjusting a debit spread options trade.

Bull Call Spread

Options Made Easy: Bullish Debit Spreads
Tastytrade.com video using call debit spreads on the Natural Gas ETF (UNG) as a lower cost alternative to taking a position in the underlying stock itself.

Theta Positive

Discuss Calculating Positive Theta Decay
This video outlines a a method of calculating how much positive decay is generated for every $1,000 in option buying power.

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